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Welcome to Sunjestic Tibetan Mastiffs!

I, along with my husband, Rob, and our wonderful Tibetan Mastiffs live on seven acres in a rural area approximately 42 miles north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Both of us have always been dog lovers and owners throughout our lives. Rob's preference was hunting dogs and for me it was BIG dogs, no matter the breed. When our Great Pyrenees passed away due to old age, we knew we couldn't live without a dog in our lives so I scoured the internet and came across the Tibetan Mastiff described as a large, rare dog with unique characteristics. That was in 2009, we now have several Tibetan Mastiffs and an obvious addiction.
Owning a Tibetan Mastiff is not like owning any other dog and it has been one hell of an experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. Tibetan Mastiffs are definitely NOT for everyone. They require a tremendous commitment of time and effort, almost like a child. If you are not willing to make this type of a commitment, then this is not a dog for you. However, if you are willing to invest the time and effort, you will not regret it! What they give you back is more than you would ever expect. They are proud and noble; fiercely loyal and protective. They are more than a pet, they are your family and, as such, would die for you if the need ever arose. I have never felt as completely safe as I do with my "fur family".
We hope you will take the time to view our "family" and hope you find them as beautiful as we do! We certainly encourage you to call with any questions you may have about this rare and magnificent breed.

Thanks for stopping by Sunjestic Tibetan Mastiffs,

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